American Airlines AA11

7:45:48 -- Ground Control 1: American eleven heavy Boston ground gate thirty two you're going to wait for a Saab to go by then push back.

7:45:58 -- AAL11: After the Saab cleared to push, and we're gonna need four right today, American eleven heavy.

7:46:09 -- Ground Control 1: American eleven heavy uh understand you need alpha roger. Push back after the Saab is approved.

7:46:15 -- AAL11: O.K. Yeah what I said was we're going to need runway four right today, American eleven heavy.

7:46:21 -- Ground Control 1: American eleven heavy. Roger plan on runway four right.

7:49:20 -- AAL11: American eleven, heavy taxi november.

7:49:23 -- Ground Control 1: O.K. American eleven heavy, just hold right there i'll move you shortly.

7:50:00 -- Ground Control 1: American eleven heavy, you're going to give way to the Dornier and the regional jet on the opposite side. Taxi to the bravo hold point via kilo bravo. Expect runway four right for departure.

7:50:11 -- AAL11: O.K. to the bravo hold point after the regional jet and the Dornier, American eleven heavy.

7:53:23 -- Ground Control 1: And American eleven heavy, I'm gonna have to give you sierra and then alpha to the bravo hold point so just hold short of sierra for now.

7:53:31 -- AAL11: Holding short of sierra American eleven heavy.

7:53:59 -- Ground Control 1: American eleven heavy giving way to that Embraer off your right turn right on
sierra alpha kilo one bravo to the bravo hold point for now expect four right.

7:54:09 -- AAL11: O.K. we copy all. Expect four right, American eleven heavy.

7:55:14 -- Ground Control 1: American eleven heavy, taxi to the bravo hold point. Continental's waiting for you. Monitor tower one two eight point eight. Expect runway four right, thanks.

7:55:21 -- AAL11: Twenty-eight eight. We'll expect four right and bravo hold point American eleven heavy.

7:56:27 -- Local Control West: American eleven heavy, Boston Tower. Taxi to runway four right via bravo and monitor the tower one one niner point one.

7:56:34 -- AAL11: Taxi to four right via bravo then nineteen one, American eleven heavy.

7:57:31 -- Local Control East: American eleven heavy, Boston Tower. Good morning, Move right up to hold short of four right after departure maintain three thousand.

7:57:40 -- AAL11: Holding short of four right uh three thousand American eleven heavy.

7:57:57 -- Local Control East: American eleven heavy runway four right taxi into position and hold traffic departing niner.

7:58:04 -- AAL11: Four right position and hold American eleven heavy.

7:59:02 -- Local Control East: American eleven heavy traffic's orbiting north of the field at thirty five hundred feet. Maintain three thousand runway, four right cleared for takeoff.

7:59:11 -- AAL11: Maintain three cleared for takeoff on four right. What are the winds?

7:59:14 -- Local Control East: Wind three three zero at niner.

7:59:16 -- AAL11: Thank you.

8:00:11 -- Local Control East: American eleven heavy, contact departure that traffic's now in your ten o'clock and two miles thirty four hundred feet.

8:00:19 -- AAL11: We have him in sight talk to departure so long American eleven heavy.

8:00:30 -- AAL11: Departure. Good morning, American eleven heavy with you passing through ah two thousand for three thousand.

8:00:36 -- Boston Departure Radar: American eleven heavy, Boston departure radar contact. Good morning. Traffic ten o'clock two miles, maneuvering Cessna Skyland [flying under visual flight rules] at threethousand five hundred.

8:00:43 -- AAL11: We have him in sight American eleven.

8:01:19 -- Boston Departure Radar: American eleven heavy climb and maintain eight thousand.

8:01:21 -- AAL11: Eight thousand American eleven heavy.

8:02:14 -- Boston Departure Radar: American eleven heavy turn right heading one eight zero.

8:02:16 -- AAL11: One eighty American eleven heavy.

8:03:03 -- Boston Departure Radar: American eleven heavy climb and maintain one four thousand.

8:03:06 -- AAL11: One four thousand American eleven heavy.

8:03:34 -- Boston Departure Radar: American eleven heavy turn right heading two two zero.

8:03:37 -- AAL11: Two zero American eleven.

8:04:27 -- Boston Departure Radar: American eleven heavy turn right heading two seven zero contact Boston approach one two seven point two good day.

8:04:32 -- AAL11: Twenty seven two and two seventy American eleven so long.

8:04:48 -- AAL11: American eleven heavy with you passing through one zero thousand for one four thousand.

8:04:52 -- Boston Approach: American eleven heavy Boston approach fly heading two seven zero.

8:04:55 -- AAL11: Two seventy, American eleven.

8:05:14 -- Boston Approach: American eleven heavy, contact Boston center one three three point four two.

8:05:19 -- AAL11: Thirty-three forty-two. So long American eleven.

8:08:54 - 46R: FDX3258, Roger, uh, fly heading 180 maintain mach 80 or less.

8:09:02 - FDX3258: 180 Roger and, uh, for the heading, uh, is mach 8 or less 3258.

8:09:10 - 46R: FDX3601, Maintain mach 80 or greater.

8:09:12 - FDX3601: Mach 80 or greater, FDX3601 heavy.

8:09:17 - AAL11: Boston center, good morning, AAL11 with you paassing through 190 for 230.

8:09:22 - 46R: AAL11, Boston center, roger, climb and maintain FL280.

8:09:25 - AAL11: 280 AAL11.

8:09:28 - 46R: FDX3258, you're recleared direct to, uh, Barnes.

8:09:34 - FDX3258: Direct to Barnes, FDX3258.

8:09:52 - 46R: DAL544, Contact Boston center 125.57.

8:09:56 - DAL544: 2557 for Boston, DAL544, Good day.

8:10:04 - DAL1149: Boston, DAL1149, Leveling at 310.

8:10:06 - 46R: DAL1149 Boston center, roger.

8:10:13 - 46R: AAL11 Climb, maintain FL290.

8:10:16 - AAL11: 290 AAL11.

8:10:37 - 46R: FDX3258 Cleared direct biggo.

8:10:41 - FDX3258: Direct biggo, thank you, FDX3258.

8:10:47 - 46R: FDX3258, your traffic you're going to be following is 12 o'clock and about, uh, 10 miles also southbound with company, company jet.

8:10:54 - FDX3258: Uh, where's that traffic, sir?

8:10:56 - 46R: Eight o'clock and about 10 miles same direction also at 350 company.

8:11:01 - FDX3258: O.K., thanks.

8:11:27 - 46R: FDX3601, contact Boston Center 125.57.

8:11:34 - FDX3601: 2557 FDX3601 heavy.

8:11:58 - 46R: AAL11, your traffic is at, uh, 2 o'clock 20 miles southwest-bound MD80 310.

8:12:04 - AAL11: AAL11, roger.

8:12:16 - 46R: FDX3258, you're cleared direct Sparta.

8:12:19 - FDX3258: Direct Sparta FDX3258 heavy.

8:13:02 - 46R: FDX3258 contact Boston Center 125.57.

8:13:07 - FDX3258: 12557, thank you, FDX3258.

8:13:08 - 46R: Good day.

8:13:29 - 46R: AAL11, turn 20 degrees right.

8:13:31 - AAL11: 20 right AAL11.

8:13:47 - 46R: AAL11, now climb maintain FL350.

8:13:57 - 46R: AAL11, climb maintain FL350.

8:14:08 - 46R: AAL11, Boston.

8:14:19 - 46R: ER 7ML, how do you hear.

8:14:20 - N7ML: ML has you loud and clear.

8:14:23 - 46R: AAL11, Boston.

8:14:33 - 46R: AAL, One, one, ah, the American on the frequency, how do you hear me.

8:14:45 - 38R: This is, uh, Athens.

46R: This is Boston, I turned American 20 left and I was going to climb him. He will not respond to me now at all.

38R: Look's like he's turning right.

46R: Yea I turned him 20 right.

38R: Oh, O.K.

46R: And he's only going to, um, I think 29.

38R: O.K.

46R: Unreadable.

38R: Sure that's fine.

46R: Eh but I'm not talking to him.

38R: He won't answer you. He's nordo roger thanks.

8:15:07 - 46R: N7ML descend at pilots discretion maintain FL(?)

8:15:11 - N7ML: PDM 240, we'll begin down (unreadable) 7 ML.

8:15:13 - 46R: AAL11, Boston.

8:15:22 - 46R: AAL, if you hear Boston center, ident.

8:15:37 - COA683: Boston COA683 is flight level 210 climb 230.

8:15:41 - 46R: COA683, Boston center, roger, climb, maintain FL310.

8:15:45 - COA683: Climb, maintain FL310.

8:15:49 - 46R: AAL11, if you hear Boston center, ident please or acknowledge.

8:16:32 - 46R: AAL11, if you hear Boston center, re contact Boston center on 127.82, that's AAL12782.

8:17:05 - 46R: AAL11, AAL one one, Boston.

8:17:19 - 46R: DAL1149, contact Boston center 125.57.

8:17:23 - DAL1149: 1149, 2557 good day.

8:17:56 - 46R: AAL11, if you can hear Boston center, ident please.

8:18:01 - Flex jet: Boston center, flex jet 420 checking in passing 18 for 230.

8:18:04 - 46R: Flex jet 420, Boston center, roger, climb, maintain FL240.

8:18:12 - Flex420: Climbing to 240 flex jet 420.

8:18:31 - 46R: 7ML, contact Boston center 128.2.

8:18:36 - N7ML: 28 point2 07ML, thanks.

8:18:56 - 46R: AAL11, Boston.

8:20:07 - 46R: AAL11, AAL one one, do you hear the center?

8:20:29 - 46R: This is, uh, Boston.

Radar controller: point out NWA157.

46R: NWA157 is point out, approved.

Radar Controller: Thank you R.T.

8:21:46 - 46R: Flex jet 420, say air speed.

8:21:49 - Flex420: Ah, increasing airspeed now, passing through point, ah, 68.

8:21:52 - 46R: Roger indicated.

8:21:57 - Flex420: 290.

8:21:59 - 46R: Flex420, maintain, ah, what are you going to increase to?

8:22:02 - Flex420: 320.

8:22:03 - 46R: Thank you.

8:22:06 - 46R: COA683, contact Boston center 125.57.

8:22:09 - COA683: 2557 COA683, see ya.

8:22:13 - DAL351: DAL351 leaving 15.4 for 230.

8:22:20 - 46R: DAL351, Boston, uh, center, roger, climb, maintain FL350.

8:22:23 - DAL351: Climbing now to 350, DAL351.

8:22:27 - 46R: AAL11, Boston.

8:23:01 - UAL175: Boston, morning, UAL175 out of 19 for 230.

8:23:06 - 46R: UAL175, Boston, uh, Center, roger.

8:24:32 - 46R: Is that AAL11 trying to call.

8:24:38 - Unknown: (Unreadable) We have some planes. Just stay quiet, and you'll be O.K. We are returning to the airport.

8:24:46 - 46R: And, uh, who's trying to call me here?

8:24:53 - 46R: AAL11, are you trying to call?

8:24:57 - Unknown: Nobody move, everything will be O.K. If you try to make any moves, you'll endanger yourself and the airplane. Just stay quiet.

8:26:03 - 46R: DAL351, Boston center on 125.57.

8:26:08 - DAL351: 2557, DAL351.

8:26:21 - 46R: Flexjet 420, Boston center 125.57.

8:26:24 - Flex420: 12557 flex jet 420, so long.

8:27:20 - 46R: UAL175, contact the, um, Boston center on 133.42.

8:27:27 - UAL175: O.K. 3342, UAL175, so long.

8:29:08 - Radar controller: Hello.

46R: Go ahead.

Radar controller: Ya point out there northwest of Bradley BTA4042 be a few minutes so I can get em down.

46R: Point out approved.

Radar Controller: W E

8:33:59 - Unknown: Nobody move please; we are going back to the airport. Don't try to make any stupid moves.


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