DHL Airbus A300B4-203F OODLL, Baghdad 22 Nov 03

As the aircraft passed through 8000ft after departure, it was hit in the port wing by a missile. As a result, it lost all hydraulics and therefore had no flight controls. The missile actually struck fuel tank 1A which was full and ignited.

After one missed approach, the aircraft landed heavily at Baghdad and vered off to the left of the runway. The aircraft then travelled about 600 metres through soft sand and a razor wire fence in the process.

All three crew members escaped via an evacuation slide.

The aircraft was finally recovered by using a tow tug on the nose gear, and a USAF caterpillar attached by cable to the main gear.

In addition to the wing damage, both engines were knocked out. The left engine ingested a large amount of razor wire fence, whilst the right hand engine ingested a great amount of sand and siezed

There appears to be much debate as to whether the aircraft is a write-off or not


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