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  When all else fails!
  Bet he's flushed!
To be read with a Jack Nicholson voice.......(as in 'A Few Good Men')
Welcome onboard announcement
  An eyewitness statement
  A couple of quckies
  A short poem written by a WW2 DC3 copilot
  How to spot if a terrorist is at the airport
  Serious window crack in a US Airways B734
  Silence is golden
  New carry on restrictions
  Trained monkeys eh!!
  Words you don't want to hear
  8 Quickies to help you understand what makes engineers tick
  It's a hard job being a pilot
  If only weather forecasting was this easy!
  The most common lies told within aviation
  Keep your head down!
  An obligatory Irish joke (An oldie, but goodie)
  No prize though
  No explanation nessesary
  How many of these apply to you?.............
  That'll bump up the premiums for the pair of them!
  An obligatory Irish joke
  Never forget a face!
  Observations by the critic

The garden centres favourite airline


Why captains don't do walk-rounds!


And they were just minding their own business!


Still wanna have a go............??


"But it worked last time"!!


These 5 pics just show that aviation can have it's off days


A pilots idea of taking their kid to work

  How to understand the Ground Proximity Warning System

Cracks found during inspection


Stick with it.................It's bizzare!!


Two SR-71 Blackbird tales


Out of the mouths of babes........


Translations of English Aviation Terms for German Speaking Pilots


'He didn't mean to do that!!'

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