A.T.C. Exchanges 3

A/C: "Radar, we're a flight of two A10s, currently overhead and, er, we've forgotten our callsign"

RAD: "No problem, we'll allocate temporary ones: adopt callsign Stupid One and Stupid Two"


A/C: "LHR Ground, Speedbird 123 request taxy."

GND: "Speedbird 123, hold position, you'll be following a Virgin with a tight slot."


HAWK is a callsign used by AAC Gazelles and Lynx in Ulster:

RAD: "Hawk 123 report crossing the zone boundary inbound."

HAWK: "Hawk 123 is crossing now and we're letting down to close the door"

RAD: "Hawk 123 roger, I didn't know we even HAD a door in the zone boundary..."


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