Caption Competition (With No Prize!)

"After successful initial trials, Richard Branson expresses delight at the commencement of the new Virgin Nigeria service"

"At last year's Lusaka air show, the tour of the flight line managed to focus everybody's interest."

"It was becoming harder and harder to ignore calls for a runway extention at the local airport!! "

"Police confirm that Joy riding in Kenya is reaching new proportions!"

"Who said third world air shows are dangerous?"

"British Governments Immigration Control"

"Thats nothing. You should see what's coming behind the dust."

"Would all passengers please not board the aircraft till it has come to a complete stop "

"The airport authority announced today that trials of its newest defence to stop local spotters from wandering across the runway where a resounding success!"

"Never ask Ryanair for a refund for landing at a remote airport."

"In soviet Russia planes catch you!"

"Ryanair take short turnrounds to the next level."

"Introducing Massey Ferguson's new people-harvester"

"Testing the latest in crowd control measures, who needs a water cannon! "

"Tesco enters the airline business with the new PICK UP AN GO Scheme.
Wait till you see their Shop and Drop scheme "

"The Royal flight has aquired a new airplane, and asked Prince Charles to give it the once over! "

"Kool and the Gang fondly recall the inspiration behind their chart hit, "Gonna Make This A Night to Remember !

"Why board through the door, the windscreen is more fun!"

"Bandits, 12 o'clock" "Dan-Air announce they are to restart operations."

"Shall we play chicken? "Windscreen washers diversify their business."

"Steve and his friends soon realised their rain dance had gone horribly wrong."

"TAXI!!!" (note the man left of center holding his hand up) "Excuse me.... Where is the airport?"

"Exactly why woman shouldn't be pilots. They ask for directions and don't use the nav aids!!!


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