FAA Revisions

Please note the revisions handed down on the new FAR Part 91. 91.27

(a) No pilot or pilots or person or persons acting on the direction or suggestion or supervision of the pilot or pilots, may try, or attempt to try to comprehend or understand any or all , in whole or in part of the herein mentioned Federal Aviation Regulations, except as authorized by the Administrator, or an agent appointed by or inspected by the Administrator.

(b) If the pilot, or group of associate pilots become aware of, or realizes, or detects, or discovers, or finds that he or she or they are,or have been, beginning to understand the FederalAviation Regulations, he/she/they must immediately, within three (3) days notify, in writing to the Administrator.

(c) Upon receipt of the above mentioned notice of impending comprehension, the administrator will immediately rewrite the regulations in such a manner as to eliminate any further comprehension hazards.

(d) The Administrator may, at her discretion, require the offending pilot or pilots or person or persons to attend remedial instructions in the Federal Aviation Regulations, until such time as the pilot or pilots or person or persons are too confused to be capable of understanding anything.


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