This story relates to a long haul Boeing 747 on its way home from southern Africa to Heathrow.

A white skinned, middle aged woman, sits down next to a coloured man. Evidently ill at ease, she calls the air hostess.

"What is the problem madam?"

"Can't you see? You've placed me next to a Black man. I can't stand sitting next to those disgusting people. Give me another seat".

"Please, calm down, says the hostess. "Almost all seats are taken but I'll see what I can do".

She walks away, and comes back a few minutes later.

"Madam, as I thought, there is no more available seats in economy nor even in business class. However there is one seat left in First. I will have to talk to the Captain".

She comes back. "Madam. It is totally exceptional for the company to allow someone in economy to be upgraded to First. However given the circumstances the Captain has agreed."

She then turns to the black man.

"Sir, if you wish to collect your hand luggage, we would be honoured if you would like to take a seat in First Class."

The rest of the passengers, witnesses to the scene, stand up and c


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