A passenger on a jumbo was in dire need of the mens room, but it was always occupied. A freindly stewardess suggested that he used the ladies, but warned him that on no account must he touch the 4 buttons labelled:


As he sat there, his needs satisfied, curiosity overcame him and he pressed the button marked W.W. Warm water sprayed his bottom, so he thought this is a bit of alright and pressed the button marked W.A. Warm air dried his bottom. He thought these girls have it made, and so pressed the button marked P.P. This was a soft powder puff loaded with scented powder, and so he decided to try the last button marked A.T.R.

The next thing he knew was when he woke up in hospital, and a nurse assured him 'Your alright Mr Smith, but you really should not have pressed the Automatic Tampax Remover button......your willy's under your pillow.


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