You Know Your A Pilot When....

You're driving along in your car and you look for emergency landing spots.

You get in your car, put the keys in the ignition, and reach for the checklist.

You drive off a cliff, and your last words are "Gear up!"

You pull back when your car hits 60 MPH.

You absentmindedly haul up on the parking brake lever when slowing for your driveway.

Searching for "carb heat" on a cold, foggy morning, you accidentally yank a knob off the car radio.

You are shocked back to reality when your car doesn't turn left as you hit the clutch.

You feel compelled to look up every time you hear an airplane.

When you see a neglected, run down airplane, you want to "take it home and make it all better".

You think about airplanes more than you think about sex.

You believe that it's OK to skip church on Sunday mornings to go flying because you are sure God would understand.

You would rather read a Flying magazine than look at a Playboy.

You have several months of aviation magazines and trade-a-planes next to the toilet in your bathroom.

You can find something to like about every airplane you have ever seen, even the ugly ones!

You have more airplane pictures in your work space than pictures of your kids.

You have a "Remove Before Flight" streamer on your car keys.

You have an airplane screensaver or mouse pad. OR BOTH!

When you visit a new city by car you drive out to the GA airport, "Just to look around"

You drive your car with your handheld navcom on.

You always take your flightbag wherever you go, "just in case".

You drive your car with an approach plate clipped to the steering wheel.

You installed a quick drain valve on your auto's fuel tank.

You make sure your tank is topped off before you drive every morning.

You roll down the window of your car and yell, "clear" before starting.

You wear your David Clarks hooked up to your Sony Walkman while jogging.

Your on a family drive and the wife asks you to stop at the next gas station but instead you hand her Jill's John that you got from Sporty's.


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